Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lay 0-0 strategies

Here are some strategies i used for Lay 0-0 correct score over the time and maybe some of you are familiar with them :

1.Lay 0-0 in games played by the first 3 teams involved on title fight of each major league.
2.Lay 0-0 in games when at least 3 soccer prediction sites predicted that will be an over 2.5 goals in that games.
3.Lay 0-0 in games where one of the teams had 0-0 in last game.
4.Lay 0-0 in games where one team had 2 draws in a row.
5.Lay 0-0 in games where head 2 head scores between teams were never a 0-0 score.

All strategies worked till some point but without a good money management will wipe out your betting bank (this happend to me few times).

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